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Metallurgtrans Ltd. is privately owned licensed company-operator. Company's top management has more than 40 years of work experience in mining and metallurgical industries of Ukraine. Our company was the first CIS company-operator.
Metallurgtrans Ltd. manages the 5572-unit wagon fleet, from which 1618 wagons are company's own assets. Company holds exclusive rights to organize freight transportation in 582 newly modernized platforms until 2016 under long-term rent agreement. In 2013 Metallurgtrans has carried more than 9,5 mln tons of freight.
Along with its main activities our company provides financial aid to the Orphanage No2 'Bereginya', rocket corvette 'Pridneprovye', medical institutions of Dnipropetrovsk.

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License from The State Inspection of Ukraine for Overland Transportation for transporting dangerous freights by rail Series AB 190881 from 15.05.2014

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